Broadcast Event

While unfortunately, we hadn't managed to achieve our planned concept or have a live stream as good quality as we had hoped for, we did fulfil our promise to live stream Adam Thorn and Ryan Nicklin to their audiences. The upload below shows our final livestream. However, as can be seen from the video, the... Continue Reading →

Broadcast Event – The Hurdles/Reflection

It is safe to say that we had a little bit of a nightmare with our broadcast event, despite the extensive planning we put in. We had chosen a set, created the appropriate marketing materials, assigned roles for the event and set a date which was the 2nd of April at 2pm. Problem: However, unfortunately, on... Continue Reading →

SWOT Analysis – Broadcast

Strengths: The biggest strength of our Broadcast Event is that we are working with established artists within Cheltenham (Adam Thorn and Ryan Nicklin) who already have a strong social media following and fans of their work. Adam Thorn also participated in a livestream a month ago, which gave us an idea of how he reacts... Continue Reading →


As discussed in the Broadcast Event Concept, our aim was for it to be laidback and 'chill' live stream with no big production. The reason for this was that we wanted it to feel intimate, so the audience and fanbases of the two artists can feel closer and connected to the new venture. Therefore, we made a... Continue Reading →


As our broadcast will be streamed live and published following its completion, it was important that we adhered to copyright laws and had an agreement between us and our artists in regards to the copyright of their music that they will be performing. The release form below was sent to our artists and returned signed,... Continue Reading →


In order to inform our event, we chose to research into the different equipment/set up options we could use for our broadcast. We researched the different options and weighed up the pros and cons before choosing which method to go ahead with. Option 1: Live TV Setup Our first option is to produce the broadcast... Continue Reading →

Event Roles

As the broadcast event is significantly smaller scale than our live event, the crew will simply consist of us 4 group members. To effectively run the event, we decided to delegate roles in the same manner as our live event. We listed the roles needed and the responsibilities included and then assigned them to each... Continue Reading →

Set Planning

One of the biggest hurdles we have to had to overcome for our Broadcast Event is finding an appropriate set to hold the live stream. Our initial plan was to hold the live stream in a rehearsal room at University as it gives us an easy-access, soundproof space to set up and record. We did... Continue Reading →

Broadcast Event Concept

I have recently been working with popular music students Adam Thorn and Ryan Nicklin and found out they want to start working together and collaborating on various music projects. This venture includes performing together, producing music together and Ryan writing songs for Adam. Therefore, the concept for our broadcast event is to produce a live... Continue Reading →

Event Day – The Hurdles

When the day of our live event rolled around, we were all very excited and fairly confident as the level of planning and the immense response suggested it was going to be successful. However, what we weren't able to prepare for were the little obstacles we were met with on the day. As per any... Continue Reading →

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